April 5, 2017

Amonkhet Previews: 4 April

There are already a number of cards that has been spoiled and I even have not yet given my two cents on the new Masterpieces Series called Invocations. But I’d like to focus attention with these 12 cards that has been spoiled so far for their possible constructed play-ability.

Hazoret the Fervent, is the first mythic rare to be revealed and me as a Mardu Ballista/Vehicles player is stoked to have it! Maybe just a 1 of, but i’m sure it will be a good addition to the archetype when Amonkhet becomes legal in Standard. It’s discard ability is a great way to deal in that last points of damage if the opponent manages to supress your aggression in the late game.

Wizards deemed it better to preview the cycle of dual lands even prior to the regular spoiler week. We are given a cycle of cycling dual lands! An obviously powerful set of lands if your deck is going midrange or control. The aggro player may be at a disadvantage with this kind of lands but I guess time will tell. And these lands are fetchable so it wouldn’t hurt to have one or two in any deck.

Aven Mindcensor is already a tested card and is a reprint of a card from Futuresight and Modern Masters. Prowling Serpopard on the other hand is quite intriguing! A Cat and a Snake which can’t be countered and gives all your creature spells uncounterable ability. I’m eager to try this one out in a deck!

The reveal of this card gives proof of the authenticity of Dusk//Dawn card that was leaked a few weeks back during Modern Masters 2017 release. As much as I am into the Masterpieces Invocation series, these split card lay-out offers the opposite for me. The art are so squeezed in that I feel like the design is an afterthought. But the aftermath mechanic might see some play. But so far no split card has been spoiled that has piqued  my interest.

This is it for me so far, as of this writing, The blue god has already been spoiled and I’ll take a closer look at it on my next post.

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