Mardu Vehicles

The Mardu Vehicles have a special place in my heart . This is the deck that gave me a Game Day champion’s mat. During when the was still legal and not banned. That deck was the basis of the ultra fast Mardu decks of Aether Revolt Standard and I guess…

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MM2017 Mar 2 Preview

These cards are finally revealed as part of Modern Masters 2017: The biggest takeaway from this list is none other than , I cannot believe that even with the big reveal of yesterday (), WotC was able to fit in the goyf in this set even though This card has…

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MM2017 Feb 27 Previews

These cards are confirmed for Modern Masters 2017: Today seems to be great news for all Modern players as the original Zendikar fetch lands are confirmed to be part of the new upcoming set! Also coming in is the much awaited reprint of ! Rounding this first batch of previews,…

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