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Welcome To The World of Smash Up

Overview Have you ever wondered what happens if a Zombie Horde teams up with a conquering Alien Race? How about Wizards casting spells side by side with lazer gun toting Robots? Cyborg-Apes and Pirate…
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Shadows Over Innistrad Standard

April 8 has come and gone, and most of us have already secured a box or a fat pack or both. I for one had an adrenaline rush when I opened a pack with Archangel Avacyn and a Relentless Dead in a singl…
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Hello world!

Welcome once again to my little space on the web. I mentioned “once again” because this is the Nth time this website has been activated. At first this website was my portfolio of sorts, sh…
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Zombiecide Miniature Paintings

Zombiecide is a miniature game of surviving a Zombie Apocalypse. Manufactured by Cool Mini Or Not, This game has already expanded to include more than 50 individually crafted Miniatures depicting zombies and survivors.

Season 1 of this popular miniatures game includes 71(32mm scale minis) 

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