Amonkhet Previews: 4 April

There are already a number of cards that has been spoiled and I even have not yet given my two cents on the new Masterpieces Series called Invocations. But I’d like to focus attention with thes…
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Temur Tower – Wins Porto Alegre

I love Mardu Vehicles! And the latest Iteration of the deck (Mardu Ballista) is by far the most streamlined and competitive(oppressive) deck to came out of this new standard. To a point where a lot of…
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Waiting for the Ban Hammer

The Standard format is in a tight bind right now. With a lot of the ‘pros’ clamoring for another set of bans. The new target(s)? and possibly or maybe even . This they say would allow othe…
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Zombiecide Miniature Paintings

Zombiecide is a miniature game of surviving a Zombie Apocalypse. Manufactured by Cool Mini Or Not, This game has already expanded to include more than 50 individually crafted Miniatures depicting zombies and survivors.

Season 1 of this popular miniatures game includes 71(32mm scale minis) 

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